Welcome Your Guests

Give A Warm Welcome

Welcome your guests or friends with an attractive splash page! If you're a developer, build your own splash pages using the API.

All The Logins

Offer Facebook, Google and other social logins. There's vouchers too. And clickthrough. Want a new password everyday? Hell yeah, we'll send you an email.

Paid WiFi

There's that too. Use your PayPal, Stripe or SagePay accounts. With no commissions taken either.

SDN - Stupidly Different Networking

Hello From The Other Side

Create networks in seconds, not hours. Your WiFi access points upgrade themselves at night!.

Does Your WiFi Router Do That?

What's really awesome, really really awesome? It's really awesome that you don't need expensive access points. It'll work with loads of devices and most OpenWRT firmwares.

Setting a device up takes 30 seconds. Devices provision themselves automatically. Pretty sweet.

Hello, How are You? Can Your WiFi Do This?

Get Into The Zone

Organise and segment your networks with zones for easy management and monitoring.

Invite Friends, Colleagues And Customers

Invite people to manage and monitor your networks with you.

Everywhere You Go, Everything You Need

Create sophisticated, custom event-drived triggers. Get notifications by email, Slack, webhook, SMS and more.

Reclaim Your Life

Forget syslog servers and trawling through logs. Ditch remote desktop, VPNs and SSH. Build networks, not software.

Pretty (and useful) Graphs and Reports

A Single Pane Of Glass

Charts and graphs make diagnosing problems much easier. View network usage, top clients, WiFi and radius traffic, client status and device history from a simple cloud-based dashboard.

Collate And Aggregate

Feed all your data into one place. Capture emails from your splash pages, view usage reports and more. You can download these as CSVs or export them via the API into your own systems.

Multi-Tennant and Fully White Label

Customise And Scale, Like A Boss

Create multiple brands to streamline your network deployments. Customise the colours, logos and design. Be the god of your networks. Invite your users to manage your networks with fined-grained access control and permissions.

Brand Management And Control

Create custom rules for your brands. Selectively enable or hide features by default - across your networks and brands. Need a fixed SSID per location created? No problem.

Get Integrated

Integrate The Way You Want

Endless opportunities for bespoke features with our API.

Integrate With Others

From Mailchimp and PayPal to Slack and Twilio. Manage your emails, payments and notifications by setting up triggers with the apps we integrate with.

What's The Plan?

For a full list of features, and plans, click below