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Padaco’s Experience with CT WiFi

Padaco — a unique full-stack IT service provider based in the Netherlands. Frank and Daniel share their experience.

Tell us a bit about your company

We offer two different types of services — an IT cloud workspace for customers with day to day IT environment and Padaco connectivity. With this service, we specialise in offering customers with Internet and WiFi when there’s not enough bandwidth available — ie. large festivals, remote areas, etc. We also offer 4G solutions — either small solutions 100mb — 1GB speed.

How did you hear about CT WiFi?


What do you use CT WiFi for?

At the time, we found CT WiFi for a large summer festival. We supported more than 4000 connections. After the festival was over, we continued to use CT WiFi because it’s easy to set up and allows users to connect via social media.

And why were you looking for a solution like CT WiFi?

We were looking for a solution that could block free WiFi access but still be able to collect data.

What’s your favourite feature?

Being able to manage a large networks easily. We didn’t experience any problems when there were over 4000 connections.

We also like the splash page feature like Facebook check-in, and being able to limit users’ time spent on the WiFi network. Our sales and marketing team is thinking about how to market this feature to our clients.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Not for now. We’re looking forward to more features we can share with our clients.

Thanks Frank and Daniel! It’s been great to hear your unique experience. We’ll be sure to bring more features you’ll love!

CT WiFi is a cloud based WiFi management platform for businesses. The firmware gives consumer-grade WiFi access points enterprise-like capabilities. Or you can utilise the captive portal solution with your existing infrastructure. Create a free account and check it here

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